Caring For Your
Property Like Our Own

At Royal York Property Management, we pride ourselves on treating our clients' investment properties as if they were our own. Whether it is dealing with a maintenance issue or conducting a showing for a tenant we constantly ask ourselves if this is how we would do it for our own properties. Putting the needs of our clients and our tenants front and centre is what we aim to achieve each and every day.

Our Vision & Mission

Innovation Leadership For Property Management.

To be property management’s diverse global innovation platform, achieving property owner
and tenants goals through transparency,
accessibility, and action.

Our Mandate

Develop and deliver effective leasing experiences for property owners and tenants that build on three core elements of innovation: people, technology, and action.

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What our clients have to say about us...

Recent Reviews


    27 March, 2023

    We appreciate everything you have done for us. Being able to rent our house in barrie was an incredible experience for my husband and me.

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    27 March, 2023

    They covered my tenants rent for one month and I was shocked. Who does that? keep this up Royal York PM because this is the way to go for a pm company. cheers.

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    27 March, 2023

    Great rates for so many services being offer by them. plus 24/7 open hours. anyways I was able to find a beautiful apartment down in Richmond Hill

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