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Finding rental homes and making sure the property fulfills all the rental agreements is essential to us. Although we know how to find good tenants, there is a small chance that things don’t go as planned. That’s why RYPM offers a unique full rental guarantee.

We understand that your comfort, security, and peace of mind are key to owning a successful rental property and sometimes the best way to find tenants for rental property goes beyond tenant check, background, or screening. Our rental guarantee will make sure to provide you with the best tenants.


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Our Process

3 Easy Steps To Live In The Property You Want.


Complete an application on the property you are interested in

Step 01

Submit reservation fee to secure the property and apply towards your last month's rent

Step 02

Download all documents to RYPM portal within 3 days on the property you want

Step 03

Portal System For Tenants

Upload your documents, no matter where you are

All documents must be uploaded to the Royal York Document Portal within 3 days of your approval. Please ensure that each document is clear, easy to read, and submitted in PDF format, and it is attached to the lease name that has been assigned to you.

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    10 May, 2023

    5 star review only for the best property management company!! :)

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    27 April, 2023

    The team at Royal York is simply amazing! Their expertise in property management, along with their friendly and efficient staff, has made my experience a delight.

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