Any investment can bring surprises, but your management costs should never be one of them!


No money upfront. We don’t get paid until we deliver, and if we don’t, we will PAY YOUR RENT!



When you sign a contract with Royal York Property Management, there are NO HIDDEN FEES! Many companies charge extra fees and a monthly percentage of the rent each month.



Royal York Property Management has a flat fee system, regardless of the rental rate and never requires you to provide any funds up front for management or maintenance services.



As investment-property owners ourselves, we know first-hand how being a property investor can be overwhelming, but when you have the right property management company working on your behalf, there’s very little to worry about.



Royal York Property Management uses an efficient and cost-effective system that ensures our tenants and property owners have access to high quality service at affordable prices.




Fee Structure

One-time $249 setup fee (Includes property evaluation, photos of your property, setup of all property owner accounts and online portals), one month’s rent, and $89 monthly administration fee.




Payment Schedule

Whether or not we place tenants in your property, your are guaranteed your first month’s rent. Royal York Property Management offers two different payment options.





Option A) Royal York Property Management will finance your tenant placement fee up to 60 days. We will pay you your first month’s rent minus $249 one-time setup fee, $89 monthly administration fee and all applicable taxes. Your second month’s rent that we collect, is applied towards our tenant placement fee.


Option B) You can send a payment to our office no later than the commencement date of the management agreement for our fees listed above.




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