July 09, 2024

Property Management Tips, RYPM Resources


Winter preparation is key to your rental property's integrity and value. As one of the leading property management and leasing companies in Canada, Royal York Property Management maintains more than 22,000 properties valued at excesses of $10.1 billion. We therefore know what it takes to ensure a property is thoroughly ready for winter. Here, we share some expert tips on how to get your Hamilton rental property ready for the winter months ahead and ensure that your property is very secure and also your tenants feel comfortable.

Exterior Maintenance

Inspect and Repair the Roof

One of the first things you want to do to prepare your rental property for winter is check the roof. Check your roof for damage or leaks that can create big problems once it gets cold enough for snow and ice. If you catch them before that first snow, you will save huge amounts from costly repairs and water damages.