March 18, 2022

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You'll need a strong foundation of internal communication if you want your new firm to be effective and productive. Unfortunately, in the early stages of business planning and development, communication systems frequently take a backseat to larger objectives.

To increase your chances of business success, fight this temptation and make communication one of your top objectives when you first start your company. The following are some helpful hints on how to get there.

Examine the state of your company's communication.

Varied sorts of enterprises will have different definitions of internal communication. You must first assess your corporate communication environment before developing a plan that is right for you. This usually boils down to three points:

1. Office, remote, or hybrid?

How are you going to run your company? Are you planning on having a traditional office, working entirely remotely, or pursuing a hybrid model? Communication is easier and more transparent in an office atmosphere. Digital communication solutions are critical to your performance in a remote setting. You may be able to obtain the best of both worlds with a hybrid model. However, you'll have to cope with the difficulties of handling both in-person and digital communication in a streamlined, non-overlapping manner.

2. Organizational culture.

Then you'll need to consider your corporate culture in terms of the values you wish to see in your company. What methods do you want people to use to communicate with one another? What is the "atmosphere" of the workplace? Do you like formal or informal settings? How does the context of the interaction change this dynamic? What effect does the interaction's context have on this dynamic?

3. Plans for the future.

Finally, you'll need to consider your long-term goals. When your team consists of only three people, managing internal communication is a breeze. But what if your company grows to 100 people before the end of the year? Or a thousand staff by the end of the year? The communication tactics that got you three people to succeed will have to change. You'll need a strategy for how to change them.


Choose and integrate a range of communication tools.

Choosing and integrating a variety of different communication mediums will be one of your most effective strategies.

There is no single communication route that performs equally effectively for all applications in today's digitally dominant business world. You'll need to use a mix of traditional phone calls, emails, instant chats, project management platform interactions, and more to be effective.

Choosing the proper platforms for your purposes, optimizing for intuitiveness, efficiency, and affordability will be a part of your responsibilities. You should also ensure that your personnel can use these tools quickly and easily.

However, ensuring that these communication technologies are correctly integrated will be an equal obligation. To put it another way, do people know when to utilize each tool correctly?

You should establish guidelines to formally document the appropriate usage of each channel, such as when to utilize a project management system versus when to send an email.

Olga Melyshi, March 18th, 2022 - Royal York Property Management