Property Management 

Property Management services are about maintaining and increasing the value of your rental property. Here at Royal York Property Management, we don't just talk about it, we do it! Our team provides complete peace of mind by having operations open 24/7-365 and a Rental Guarantee program! Whether it is dealing with a flood at 4 AM or taking care of a  complex legal issue, Royal York Property Management is here for you.

Properties Managed & Leased Successfully


Assets Under Management


Availability to Resolve Work Orders


Satisfied Owners and Tenants

Maintenance Requests

View, approve, and track the progress of Work Orders 24-7, 365!

Online Financial Reporting

Property owners receive a detailed statement of their financial activity every month, outlining the income and expenses associated with each property.

Direct Rental Payments

Rental Income is deposited directly into your bank account each month, through our secure online banking system.

Property Management
Services That Work

Royal York Property Management delivers all services in-house because we believe your property should be managed by a team of specialists who value your property’s needs. We are the leaders in the Property Management industry, operating 24/7, taking care of all tenant correspondence, as well as any legal notices. 


Royal York Property Management is prepared to have our in-house legal team act on the property owner's behalf. Whether it's dealing with an eviction or handling a dispute with the insurance company, Royal York Property Management is here for you!

Property Evaluations

Property assessments that give you the most detailed insight into your property's conditions.

Operating 24/7-365

Royal York Property Management operates 24/7, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We believe the time is money, and money does not sleep, so why should we?

Turnover Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance crew works efficiently to ensure the unit is ready for your new tenant. Whether it is painting or cleaning, Royal York Property Management is ready to assist you.

What makes Royal York Property Management Different

SERVICES Royal York Property Management COMPETITORS
Over 15,000 tenant leads per month
In-house, cost-effective, maintenance services
24/7-365 Customer Care and Maintenance
24/7-365 Leasing Department
Lease your rental property within 7-10 business days
Guaranteed Rental Income
Lease Terms Enforcement
Legal Expenses Covered
Leasing Services
Monthly Statements

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