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Founder and President


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Nathan Levinson, the Founder and President of Royal York Property Management, has skillfully steered his Toronto-based enterprise to gain recognition as the top property management company in Canada. Since its launch in 2010, Royal York Property Management has impressively expanded its portfolio under Nathan's strategic leadership, managing over 22,000 properties and cementing its reputation as a leading property management firm in the industry.

Nathan's immersion into the real estate world began at the tender age of seven. Inspired by his family's ventures into property ownership and their struggles with securing reliable tenants and rental income, he saw these challenges as opportunities for revolutionizing the industry. During his high school years, Levinson conceptualized an innovative solution that offered guaranteed rental income for property owners, efficiently mitigating the risks associated with defaulting tenants.

In 2010, Nathan brought his vision to life with the establishment of Royal York Property Management. Today, Royal York stands as the number one rated in the industry, managing real estate assets valued at over $10.1B, and assuring property owners of a reliable rental income across its expansive portfolio. With its North American headquarters in Toronto, Canada, Royal York Property Management is relentlessly at the forefront of innovation, integrating advanced technology into their operations to streamline processes and systems.

Under Nathan's leadership, the company is not only maintaining 24/7, year-round services but also ambitiously preparing for global expansion. Currently, Royal York Property Management is marking its presence across the United States and Europe, reinforcing its status as a globally recognized property management company.

Nathan's entrepreneurial spirit, steadfast commitment to innovation, and unparalleled negotiation skills make him a standout figure in the industry. His broad experience over a decade in residential property management services, combined with his tenure at some of North America's most reputable firms, enables him to provide invaluable mentorship to property management teams, helping them excel in diverse market scenarios.

Under Nathan's leadership, Royal York Property Management has made a strategic move to internalize all its departments. This integration covers a range of services including plumbing, electrical work, handyman tasks, cleaning, and painting, in addition to legal and accounting functions. Such a comprehensive in-house approach streamlines the tenant placement process, further reinforcing Royal York's status as a premier property management company.

Nathan Levinson's involvement with the Bank of Canada extends beyond mere participation; he has been an influential panel member since 2021, especially in the realm of the real estate residential rental market. His insights and expertise significantly contribute to shaping policies and decisions that impact this sector. As a panel member, Nathan plays a crucial role in providing strategic advice, analyzing economic trends, and offering recommendations on monetary policies. His influence is particularly evident in the formulation of guidelines and frameworks that aim to stabilize and foster growth in the housing market, ensuring affordability and sustainability.

In a different but equally important capacity, Nathan Levinson serves his community as a Lieutenant in an Emergency Medical Service. This role demonstrates his dedication to public service and his commitment to making a direct, positive impact on people's lives. Volunteering in this challenging and often demanding environment, Nathan not only provides essential medical assistance but also exemplifies leadership and resilience. His support for charitable causes further highlights his altruistic nature. Nathan's efforts in nurturing young individuals and giving back to the community that supported his early years reflect his deep-seated belief in the power of community service and philanthropy.