Royal York is Ready
For All Tenants

The reason Royal York Property Management is so careful on who we place into your property is that, unlike a real estate agent or any other property management company, Royal York Property Management is prepared to guarantee the rent. Meaning, if the tenant defaults on the rental payment at any point during the term, Royal York Property Management will not just continue to pay the rent, but also cover associated legal costs, court, and sheriff fees, and replace your tenant, free of charge! 

Financial Security = Peace of Mind

Looking for Property Management?

There’s a lot more to rental property management than just cashing a rent cheque. Our done-for-you, hassle-free service handles everything and makes owning a rental property as easy as possible.

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Our Monthly Pricing

Services Comprehensive 6 Month Term Standard
Fee 15% 9% $29
Months of Financial Guarantee 12 Months 6 Months 2 Months
Tenant Replacement
L1 Application Sent
N4 Notice of Eviction Sent
LTB Hearing Covered 1 Hearing
Sheriff Cost
Turnover Cleaning
Lock Change
Negligent Damages from Tenant Up to $30,000 Up to $50,000

Royal York Property Management pays for



Sheriff Costs

Tenant Replacement


Hearing Cost