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At Royal York Property Management, we understand how competitive it is to get a rental property. With inter-province buyers renting before they buy and landlords moving back into their homes, the amount of available rental properties is deceasing. Additionally, landlords are increasing the rent to match the market demand, further reducing the amount of affordable rental properties. At Royal York Property Management, we work hard to ensure our tenants can find their dream home at an affordable rate. 

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Transunion Credit Report

We pull your TransUnion report, which includes your FICO Credit Score, bankruptcy, judgment, collection, and lien records. It also lists revolving credit, auto loans, mortgages, school loans, medical loans, other debts, and the payment histories for each tenant in this summary.

Blockchain-encrypted Files

Verified by Royal York will provide you with a blockchain-encrypted file that you can share with prospective landlords. This secure file confirms that you have completed our proprietary application, which includes a credit and financial background check such as your employment and annual income.

Document Authentication

We will also authenticate your documentation for you and store it in a secure online portal, providing you with a unique link that you can share with any prospective landlord. This will significantly speed up the tenant screening process, as your documentation, reviewed and authenticated by Royal York, can be viewed remotely.

How does verified by Royal York work?

Your identity and income documentation are gathered by our Rental Application. These are examined by a team of specialists at Royal York Property Management, who will screen and reorganize your data. Verified by Royal York will provide you with a blockchain-encrypted file that can be shared with a prospective landlord. This file verifies to any prospective landlord that you have completed our proprietary application and Royal York has verified your employer, your income, your salary, and we have completed a verified credit and financial background check.

Tenancy Projected Outcomes

Tenancy Projected Outcomes, based on Royal York's analysis of the tenant's information, the rental property, and the rental market, aid landlords in making data-driven decisions through the Royal York Report. This includes assessing the likelihood of late payments, property damage, eviction, early vacancy, and determining the expected length of tenancy

The Royal York Score

The Royal York Score is assigned to a tenant based on their rental history, credit history, financial situation, and property needs, relative to the rental market and the rental property for which they have applied. Tenants with a higher score can secure their dream home much more quickly.

Financial Analysis

By examining your verifiable monthly income and monthly spending, including your share of rent, debt payments, and cost of living costs, Royal York determines the financial risk of not paying rent on time.

Rental Guarantee

After completing the tenant screening process, depending on the results, Royal York may be able to guarantee a tenant's rent to their future landlord. This means that if they default on the rent at any point during the term, Royal York will not only continue to pay the rent but also cover associated legal costs, court, and sheriff fees. 100% of the tenants for whom we are willing to offer this service move into their dream home on an expedited timeline.

Royal York Benefits

And just when you thought it could not get better, as a verified tenant of Royal York, you'll have access to exclusive deals for discounted internet, cell phones, tenant insurance, and furniture for your new home! 

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  • Communication & Internet
  • Content & Liability Insurance
  • Furniture
  • TV
  • Cleaning Services

Our Pricing

Services Platinum Gold Silver
Fill out condominium resident forms 
Government ID
SIN (Social Insurance Number)
Credit Report
Legal Background Check
Social media and google background check
Employment Letter
Last 3 pay stubs
Last 3 months of bank transactions 
Certificate of tenant insurance 
Confirmation of utility transfer
Schedule move-in elevator 
Current condition of the unit
Create work orders for repair 
Photos and video for documentation
Smoke Detectors
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Fire Extinguisher
Door Closer
Price $195 $99 $49

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