Bhavika Singh Him/He

Leasing Agent


  • English
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi


Bhavika's primary responsibilities entail conducting meetings with property owners to evaluate their rental units and ascertain the optimal rental price for each property.

He assumes the responsibility of executing Tenant Placement Agreements with property owners and personally collecting the keys for each assigned property. Additionally, he conducts showings with potential tenants for all units under his preview.


Bhavika Singh is a seasoned professional with a diverse background spanning multiple sectors. As a Leasing Agent at Royal York Property Management, she excels in facilitating successful transactions, leveraging her expertise honed as a RE/MAX Real Estate Salesperson. Bhavika's tenure in real estate involved intensive market research, adeptly navigating paperwork, and utilizing CRM systems to streamline processes.

Her commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond real estate. Previously, at Waterloo Catholic School District Board, Bhavika served as an Educational Assistant, specializing in devising safety plans and aiding children with special needs. Transitioning to Hatts Off Inc. as a Child Support Worker, she dedicated herself to guiding teenage girls in overcoming mental health challenges within a group home environment.

Prior experiences at Revera Long Term Care underscore Bhavika's compassionate nature, where she diligently ensured the safety and well-being of elderly residents. With a track record of enhancing lives across demographics, Bhavika embodies professionalism, empathy, and adaptability in every role she undertakes.