Chase Crawford Him/He

Leasing Agent


  • English


Chase' s primary responsibilities entail conducting meetings with property owners to evaluate their rental units and ascertain the optimal rental price for each property.

He assumes the responsibility of executing Tenant Placement Agreements with property owners and personally collecting the keys for each assigned property. Additionally, he conducts showings with potential tenants for all units under his priview.


Chase is a seasoned leasing agent within Royal York Property Management, leveraging a diverse professional background to excel in his role. With a tenure at Thrive Realty Group INC., he has honed his skills in lead generation and closure, adeptly fostering relationships with industry peers. His ability to multitask and manage time dynamically ensures efficient handling of multiple clients, while his proficiency in customer relationship management systems enhances client satisfaction.

Prior experience at Ipex Inc. as a machine operator equipped Chase with a keen eye for quality control and effective production management. His tenure at Weed Man as an on-site representative further polished his lead generation and objection handling abilities. Additionally, his roles at Shoppers Drug Mart and Yurek Pharmacy underscore his commitment to customer service excellence and meticulous attention to detail.

Chase's diverse skill set, encompassing negotiation, objection handling, and customer service, positions him as a valuable asset within the real estate domain, consistently delivering optimal outcomes for his clients.

Properties managed by Chase Crawford