Edi Krasniqi Him/He

Business Development Specialist Team Lead


  • Albanian
  • English
  • German


As a Business Development Specialist Team Lead, his main responsibilities include leading and supervising a team of Business Development Specialists. He is accountable for setting team goals, providing guidance and coaching, and monitoring their performance. 

Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in identifying and pursuing new business opportunities, building and maintaining client relationships, and contributing to the overall growth and success of the organization. Effective communication, strategy development, and fostering a results-driven team are key aspects of this role.


Edi Krasniqi holds the position of Business Development Specialist Team Lead at Royal York Property Management, bringing forth a professional background as a skilled salesman, broker, and sales specialist. He places great importance on preparedness, understanding that thorough research and preparation prior to client interactions is essential in maximizing efficiency and respecting the valuable time of both clients and himself.

Edi's exceptional communication skills enable him to articulate ideas and information clearly and effectively. Dedicated to delivering on commitments and fostering trust, Edi upholds a strong sense of integrity. His actions consistently align with his words, and he places great emphasis on following through on efforts, building lasting relationships based on reliability and accountability.

Given his unwavering commitment to his principles, Edi's suitability for the Business Development Specialist Team Lead position is evident. His genuine adherence to his word and dedication to delivering exceptional results make him an ideal fit for this role.

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