Edona Rexha

Leasing Specialist


  • Albanian
  • English
  • Turkish
  • Arabic
  • German



Edona is a Leasing Specialist at Royal York Property Management. As a Leasing Specialist, Edona manages all leases from potential and existing clients. She follow-ups with our clients and updates the contact management database. Furthermore, she’s in charge of marketing all rental listings through open houses and individual showings, coordinating and scheduling lease applications, adhering to compliance requirements, executing lease agreements, and coordinating move-in processes. Edona prepares all lease-related paperwork, plans, and implements marketing strategies to generate traffic, manages regulatory and compliance-related services and answers to queries/leads, and conducts property inspections.

Edona is a highly motivated individual with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational and interpersonal skills. She has excellent communication skills, allowing for the cultivation of positive and mutually beneficial business relationships.