Erbi Ago Him/He

Training Manager



  • English
  • Albanian Bulgarian
  • Macedonian
  • Italian
  • Spanish



Erbi is a Training Manager at Royal York Property Management.

He is an International Relations and Political Science Graduate, with a minor in Theatre Arts from Richmond University. As a graduate, he continued his academic career by going into law school at the University College of Law, London with a Graduate Degree in Law and International Legal Practice course with a focus on Corporate and Commercial Law. He has lived in Michigan, Bulgaria, and England. He started working at a very young age while also studying. At 33, he has 15 years of experience as a professional working at an international level, where he spent 8 years after finishing his studies as Director of Legal and Communications departments as well as lecturing Business Law at the university level. 

Erbi considers himself a fixer and a problem-solver. He is intuitive and prepared for anything that comes up. He believes in the power of deductive reasoning to predict any possible problems that might arise in a business situation, and have solutions ready, shall they be necessary. He believes in teamwork and the importance of inter-departmental cooperation.