Erbi Piranaj Her/She

Sr. Maintenance Coordinator


  • Albanian
  • English



Erbi is a Sr. Maintenance Coordinator at Royal York Property Management. Her main responsibilities include implementing preventative maintenance and liaising with service providers.
If you have any Maintenance or Customer Service inquiries, you can rely on Erbi!

At the age of 6, Erbi started playing violin and hasn't given up since then. Royal York Property Management takes pride in hiring very passionate employees. Erbi is very passionate about everything she does and does not give up easily. With Royal York being her very first work experience, it has sparked great interest within her.

Erbi is an example of how determination and willingness can make you a great employee, by learning and practicing and starting from a beginner’s position and working her way up to a role that includes more responsibilities.

She’s energetic, is challenged by a dynamic environment, and loves working in a team.