Izmeralda Rexha

Finance Coordinator


  • Albanian
  • English



Izmeralda is a Finance Coordinator at Royal York Property Management.

She's a detail-oriented Accountant with 6 years of effectively maintaining accurate accounting information for large-scale financial organizations. History working as part of a financial team to manage diverse financial functions, tax management, and reporting. Adept at managing budgets, payroll, invoicing, and all other general accounting functions. Instrumental in keeping business operations fully compliant and working within budgetary guidelines.

Her day-to-day job is mostly related to maintaining records of compensation and transactions for Royal York Property Management. She also deals with financial audit and analysis, creating budgets, organizing financial committees, processing invoices, monitoring transactions in accounts payable and receivable, and preparing financial reports. Izmeralda ensures legal and regulatory compliance regarding all financial functions and oversees the accounting and billing departments to ensure maintenance of internal controls and financial procedures, maintaining an accurate filing system by processing checks, expense reports, and reconciliation of accounts. Closely monitor leaves, payroll, and coordination of benefits.