Jessica Kadiu Her/She

Compliance Officer


  • English
  • Albanian
  • Spanish
  • Italian


Jessica Kadiu is a Compliance Officer at Royal York Property Management. As a compliance officer, she is responsible for developing compliance programs, reviewing company policies, and advising management on possible risks.


She would best be described as dedicated, a great multitasker, hardworking, patient, easygoing, and caring. In her free time, she loves to travel and learn about other cultures.

When Jessica began her studies at University, she told herself that she would dedicate her focus to actually learning something new and not just obtaining a diploma. She mostly studied the human brain and found this very helpful to apply to her day-to-day life as well as her professional career because it helped her interact with others better as well as understand the reasoning behind the things people may say/ do.

Jessica's past work experience consists of Customer Service and Sales. These positions have shaped who she is today as a professional and is why she is very patient and reasonable with employees here at Royal York Property Management.