Jona Haderi Her/She

Human Resources Financial Specialist


  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Albanian



Jona Haderi is a Human Resources Financial Specialist at Royal York Property Management.

Her day-to-day job consists of monitoring and ensuring payments and benefit allocation to the employees depending on their working hours. Also, she plans and coordinates administrative tasks across departments to successfully meet the strict daily deadlines and prepares recruitment material such as job specifications and interview guides, and support in candidate interviews.

Jona is an experienced International Relations professional with a demonstrated history of working in Government Administration.  She is skilled in International Relations, History, Project Management and Leadership, and Marketing. She has a strong community and social involvement on critical issues such as freedom of speech, access to information, gender equality, and animal rights.

She has very good analytical skills and excellent communication and that's why she is the best fit for the Human Resources Financial Specialist role.