Kaela Musumbulwa Her/She

Leasing Agent


  • English


As a Leasing Agent at Royal York Property Management, Kaela is an expertly trained sales representative who specializes in Tenant Placement Services.

She has been certified by Royal York Property Management and has an in-depth understanding of the real estate and rental market in her district. 

Leasing Agents often come with a strong background in real estate, either as real estate agents or brokers. They specialize in placing high-quality, pre-screened tenants in properties that are in high demand.

Leasing Agents are at the forefront of our operations, leading in-person property showings and assisting in the leasing process. Their primary responsibilities include conducting meetings with property owners to assess their rental units and determine the optimal rental price for each property. Additionally, they oversee showings for potential tenants for all the units they manage.

They balance the needs of property owners and tenants while focusing on customer satisfaction and a guaranteed high-quality level of service.


Kaela is a Leasing Agent at Royal York Property Management.

She is a highly experienced professional in the real estate industry with a diverse skill set. With over 5 years of client-facing experience, she excels in providing exceptional client care, both in person and through various communication channels. Her proficiency extends to areas like leasing, finance, construction, and project management, making her a well-rounded asset.

Kaela's excellent organization and detail-oriented skills are evident in her ability to track, summarize, and compile information effectively. She is tech-savvy, proficient in office applications, and a strong team player, capable of building positive relationships with colleagues and external parties. Additionally, Kaela's proactive approach, knowledge of real estate agencies and resources, and strong problem-solving abilities contribute to her success in the industry. Her meticulous record-keeping and driving ability further enhance her versatility in the real estate field.