Kristi Petani Him/He

IT Technician


  • English
  • Albanian


His responsibilities include keeping systems up-to-date through operating systems upgrades, monitoring networking equipment and servers, assisting with the design, implementation, and ongoing support of new software and features, overseeing troubleshooting for system errors, evaluating connectivity issues, equipment, and software, modifying configurations, utilities, software, etc., setting up equipment for new users, installing, testing, and monitoring servers, firewalls, and new software, performing data backups, installing and updating network system improvements as needed, assisting with Servers, LAN/WAN technologies, computer repair/troubleshooting software, networks, virus protection, Wi-Fi technology, and more. His main responsibility is maintaining the integrity of the company's virtual assets.


Kristi Petani is an IT Technician at Royal York Property Management.

Kristi is very determined to achieve new goals and has a great ability to work independently and handle multiple projects.

That's the kind of guy we need around!