Mateo Thomollari Him/He

Leasing Administrator


  • Albanian
  • English


Mateo plays a pivotal role and serves as the main liaison and point of contact between tenants and Royal York Property Management.

He is deeply committed to bolstering client trust, with the objective of establishing enduring partnerships. A significant part of this entails having a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Moreover, Mateo is proficient in the comprehensive verification of both funds and essential paperwork, ensuring the tenants and property owners have completed all prerequisites of the lease agreement. Once all documents are in place, he swiftly communicates with property owners about a tenant's financial credentials. Further highlighting his multifaceted role, Mateo expertly crafts vital property management documents, encompassing offers to lease, lease agreements, key release protocols, and utility forms.


Mateo serves as a Leasing Administrator at Royal York Property Management, leveraging his academic achievements that include a Bachelor's Degree in Law and a Master's Degree in Penal Law. He focuses on the districts of Durham, and Peel.

With prior experience as a Legal Assistant, Mateo has honed exceptional skills in communication, problem-solving, and meticulous attention to detail. His robust legal background positions him as an ideal candidate for the role of Leasing Administrator, where his expertise contributes to the efficient management of leasing operations.