Rikardo Verri Her/She

Maintenance Coordinator


  • Albanian
  • English
  • French



Rikardo Verri is a Maintenance Coordinator at Royal York Property Management.

His day-to-day job consists in assisting all inbound calls, text messages, emails, and all other social media interactions. He coordinates properly the prospective tenants about the leasing process, books appointments for leasing agents with interested tenants, returns all missed calls, starting with the most recently missed, maintains a log of phone number for which no contact has been established, and send follow-up emails, texts, and voice messages to those clients according to a predetermined schedule.

Furthermore, he sends each prospect a confirmation of their showing via email and text, double confirms the showings books, and fills out properly all the information processed through phone calls or emails on the system. As a Coordinator, Rikardo creates work orders related to maintenance issues and makes sure to follow up with owners and maintenance technicians. He also deals with all tickets related to Maintenance and Leasing. 

He is a team player and is able to adapt quickly to new environments. He is always looking for new experiences and opportunities where he can grow and sharpen his skills.