Timela Vogli Her/She

Maintenance Manager


  • English
  • Albanian


Her responsibilities include overseeing and managing the maintenance team to ensure efficient operations, and ensuring that team members are well-trained, properly scheduled, and equipped with the necessary tools and resources to effectively perform their duties. Furthermore, she diligently maintains accurate records of all maintenance activities, including documenting repair requests, managing work orders, and effectively managing inventory. 

Additionally, she is also in charge of maintaining relationships with external vendors and contractors, by engaging in contract negotiations, ensuring favorable terms and conditions for the company and overseeing the timely and satisfactory completion of work by outside vendors, ensuring that contractual obligations are met and maintaining a high standard of service quality.


Timela Vogli is a Maintenance Manager at Royal York Property Management, bringing a diverse range of talents and experiences to her role. With a strong background in science and technology, Timela has also pursued her passion for music, showcasing her artistic nature and honing her skills in expression through words.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Timela has developed a keen interest in marketing. During her college experience, she has actively engaged in digital marketing strategies to promote school projects, garnering positive feedback from the staff. This involvement has demonstrated her ability to leverage her marketing abilities and contribute to successful promotional initiatives.

As the Maintenance Manager, Timela excels in overseeing and managing the maintenance team at Royal York Property Management. She ensures that the team is properly trained, scheduled, and equipped to perform their duties efficiently. With her multifaceted background and diverse skill set, Timela brings a unique perspective to her role, enabling her to approach maintenance management with creativity and innovation.