Xhoi Kola

Leasing Specialists Team Leader


  • Albanian
  • English



Xhoi is Leasing Specialists Team Leader at Royal York Property Management. His role entails coordinating and scheduling lease applications. Also coordinates property viewings, follow-ups, and updating of contact management database.

As a Leasing Specialists Team Leader, Xhoi ensures to oversee and manage all leases from potential and existing clients. He makes sure that every Leasing Specialist does follow-ups and updates the contact management database. Furthermore, his team is in charge of marketing all rental listings through open houses and individual showings, coordinating and scheduling lease applications, adhering to compliance requirements, executing lease agreements, and coordinating move-in processes. His teams also prepare all lease-related paperwork, plan and implement marketing strategies to generate traffic, manage regulatory and compliance-related services and answers to queries/leads, and conduct property inspections.

Xhoi would describe himself as very ambitious, hard-working, and self-motivated. Xhoi thrives on challenging himself because he is very eager to learn new things.