How To Find Good Tenants?

When it comes to screening a tenant, there is no one more thorough than Royal York Property Management. We know how crucial it is to find the right tenant for your property. A problematic tenant can cost you as much as $20,000 and that doesn't account for damages that they may cause to your property. Royal York Property Management takes pride in making this process seamless for you! 

Leave That To Us!

The best way to find the right tenants for your rental property is through effective tenant screening. 

Royal York Property Management has screened hundreds of thousands of tenants and developed a process that protects your financial interests. Our screening system ensures that you will only get a tenant that is a good fit for your property while ensuring that your rights and financial interests as a property owner are protected.

Our Pricing


For total peace of mind with your investment property. 

Protect Your Financial Interests and Your Landlord Rights

  • Continuous revenue.
  • Ensure accurate tenant screening of all applications.
  • Collect and verify all the required documents.
  • Ensure that all funds are paid by the tenants.
  • Custom offer to leases that protect your financial interests. 
  • Ensure that the tenant transfers all utilities and provides a copy of their insurance.
  • Draft and sign a lease on your behalf that includes 45 additional terms that are enforceable under the Residential Tenancy Act of Ontario and the Human Rights Code.