Property Owners and Tenants have access to the latest technology available in the property management industry!


The Royal York Screening Process


The goal of our Tenant Screening and Placement program is to find you a highly qualified tenant right away. 


We use our specialized marketing system to reach a large pool of applicants and select the best tenant for you at a much faster rate than the industry average. 


Additionally, Royal York Property Management has a huge, nationwide corporate network dealing with Fortune 500 companies across the country.


We offer a five-star rental service to each of our corporate clients and promise to place their employees in our properties in a timely and professional manner. As a result, our property owners receive class A tenants in their properties.




Rental Guarantee

We complete a detailed background check on every potential tenant, making sure they have the financial and character qualifications necessary to rent your property.

Because of our Rental Guarantee policy, “bad” tenants cost Royal York Property Management money, so we take our tenant selection process very seriously.




Qualification Standards

We are affiliated with the National Tenant Network and screen our applicants for eight different qualifications: rental history, credit history, credit score, employment verification, debt to income ratios, nationwide criminal background, sex-offender registry and the terrorist database search.

Our property managers personally interview and screen each tenant in addition to these formal background checks.