Leave The Legal Work To Us

Royal York Property Management's legal team at Zuber & Company LLP is available to assist you with any legal issues that may arise related to your real estate investments.

We stay up to date on Ontario real estate law and the relevant Act to ensure that both you and your tenants are in compliance with the latest regulations.

Our Expert Litigators

Tobin Horton
David Olevson
Andrea Geddes


We Offer

Royal York Property Management prides itself on delivering quality, innovative end-to-end solutions for our clients. No matter the situation, we are here for you. Leave the legal matters to us.

Tarion Warranties
Small Claims Court
Litigation Arising from Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Completion of LTB Notices & Applications
Landlord and Tenant Board (LTB) Matters

Tenant And Landlord Board Forms

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Recent Reviews


    22 March, 2023

    Dardan has been amazing to work with. All requests were handled professionally soo i can definetly say that these guys put in the work!

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    20 March, 2023

    Best in the rental game 100%. Thanks to royal york my home in vaughan is being managed by the best team. I am making profit from my property more than i thought i could. Ema which is my account manager really comes through in tough times even though there are almost none i can think of. Great job

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    20 March, 2023

    Royal Yorkk has been excellent in managing my rental property. Their team is really professional, and they have helped me find high-quality tenants. Dardan is the account manager that handles are my inquiries for the house i am currently renting in barrie. huge help!

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