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We know that being local matters! Whether it’s finding you a qualified tenant, handling day-to-day maintenance requests, or assisting you with legal matters, our Mississauga team is ready to assist you. 

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Our dedicated Mississauga maintenance team is here for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether you submit a work order online or call us, we are ready to assist you with any maintenance issue relating to your property.

  • HVAC Services 
  • Electrical Services 
  • Plumbing Services 
  • Painting Services 
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Tenant Placement In Mississauga

Our Mississauga local team is ready to find you a qualified tenant while ensuring that your financial interests are protected!

  • Property Assessment
  • Photos and Video Tour
  • Conduct Showings
  • Credit report with Verified FICO score
  • Comprehensive Tenant Screening
  • Sign Lease Agreement
  • Move-In Inspection
  • Key Delivery
  • Tenant Insurance
  • Utility Transfer
  • Collect First & Last Month’s Rent
  • Key Deposit

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    23 March, 2023

    Royal york is one of the worst property management company. If there is negative ratings, I would give -100 to these guys. They run scam and they make you fall in the trap from which you will never come out without paying huge money... PROPERTY OWNERS - Be very careful of these guys. Never signed an agreement with them. Even if you are planning to sign, please read each and every line, or show the agreement to lawyer before signing it. There is lot of hidden clause, and the manager or any of sales guys won't tell you and you will get into the trap. They have all the worst employees in the company, especially the management. I signed agreement with these guys and then I am completely screwed up. The manager, Dardan Sokoli, is worst of them. He didn't tell me any thing what was written in agreement. I read before signing, but since I am not a lawyer and I trust people easily I got trapped in this scam. When Dardan wanted me to sign the agreement he said I can keep my advertisement and I can also look for tenants. He said they are only helping me to get tenants soon, as they already had people looking. He said he would get me tenant in less than 15 days and I won't loose 1 month rent. He never said that I should remove my advertisement and I should not finalize or sign agreement with tenant, when I am in contract with these guys.. this is completely opposite what is written in agreement. I waited for 1 month, but he didn't deliver what he promised. No tenant finalized from these guys.. Then I decided to terminate contract.. Then these guys came back and started telling I breach contract.. Even I avoided signing agreement with new tenant from my end for 1 month.. but now this guy saying I breach contract because I had not removed advertisement, and I signed agreement with tenant. why did he not tell the same when I was signing contract with them, because he intentionally wanted me to get into trap and he will get money even if I terminate the contract. This is scam property management company and be very careful with these guys, when you want to rent your place. Never trust people from Royal York property management. Go with professional agents, instead of looking for scammers.

    Review source


    23 March, 2023

    I tried using Royal York PM to manage my building because their cost seemed cheap and they had a rental guarantee. Right off the start they were very unorganized. Their employees went to the wrong house, even after I corrected them the first time. The reps that came to my house were cocky and arrogant. They showed my apartment for 1 full month and only brought me one offer from a couple who had a poor credit rating. The rating was so poor that RYPM wouldn't give me the rent guarantee. I fired them on the spot. I was able to rent out my apartment within 1 week when I used another company and they guaranteed my rent. Clearly the 800 5-star Google reviews are all fake.

    Review source


    23 March, 2023

    Giving 1 star as there is no way to give zero star. Only use this company if you expect to be disappointed and promised services that will never be kept. This company promised to rent my property within 30days and failure to do that, they will pay my rent. My property was left to sit for more than 30days with no tenant to occupy. Even though multiple showings were conducted at the property. When i asked for their promise of paying my rent be kept, they came up with conflicting stories and i had to cancel services with them and look for a tenant myself, which was a huge financial burden and loss to me. I got a tenant within 2weeks. I do not recommend this company to even my worse enemies.

    Review source

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