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Director of Sales

Director of Sales



  • To be determined based on work experience and qualifications. 
  •     Essential tools, training, and skills development
  •     Join a skilled and successful team
  •     Competitive pay with unlimited earning potential
  •     Clear career advancement paths
  •     Perks for high performers
  •     Be part of an award-winning, inclusive culture

Job Description

Join our team at Royal York Property Management in Tirana, Albania, and the surrounding areas as a Director of Sales where your skills will be highly valued. We are seeking dedicated individuals with a proven track record in sales leadership, detail-oriented, and capable of driving our sales efforts to new heights.

As a Director of Sales with Royal York Property Management, you will play a pivotal role in overseeing our sales strategies and revenue growth. Your responsibilities will encompass strategic sales management, client relationship building, and proactive market engagement to achieve our sales objectives.

If you're a professional Director of Sales in Tirana, Albania, seeking a rewarding career with growth opportunities, Royal York Property Management offers an environment where your leadership and sales expertise will be highly valued and further developed. Apply now to become a key leader in our sales team and advance your career in sales management.


  • Skillfully market and showcase our services to prospective clients, crafting effective sales strategies to achieve revenue goals.
  • Build and maintain strong, positive customer relationships, ensuring client satisfaction and retention.
  • Engage potential customers via cold calls, initiating valuable interactions to identify business opportunities.
  • Meet and exceed sales objectives within designated deadlines, driving revenue growth and market expansion.
  • Continuously enhance sales performance based on regular feedback, implementing improvements, and optimizing strategies.


  •  Bachelor's degree in marketing, business, or a relevant discipline.
  •  A minimum of 2 years of mandatory sales experience with international clients, demonstrating a successful track record in sales.
  • Outstanding sales, negotiation, and communication capabilities, both in written and spoken English, with a required proficiency level of C1.
  • Aptitude for quick thinking and informed decision-making, adapting strategies to changing market dynamics.
  • Typing proficiency with a minimum speed of 80 words per minute, ensuring efficient communication and documentation.
  • Demonstrated diplomacy and the capacity to collaborate effectively with a diverse range of individuals, both internally and externally.
  • Must be available to work from our office, contributing to a collaborative work environment.

Grow Your Career 

Join the innovative team at Royal York Property Management in Tirana, Albania, and surrounding areas, as a Director of Sales. Royal York is the largest property management company in Canada, and we're dedicated to developing your skills and expanding your professional network. With ambitious growth plans, we offer sales professionals with a passion for Real Estate limitless opportunities for advancement and recognition. Ready for a rewarding career in property management? Become a key part of our growth journey and find your limitless potential with us.

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