Ali Rostami Him/He

Leasing Agent


  • English


Ali's primary responsibilities entail conducting meetings with property owners to evaluate their rental units and ascertain the optimal rental price for each property.

He assumes the responsibility of executing Tenant Placement Agreements with property owners and personally collecting the keys for each assigned property. Additionally, he conducts showings with potential tenants for all units under his preview.


Ali Rostami is a Leasing Agent at Royal York Property Management.

Ali possesses a rich and diverse professional background, spanning over a decade of experience in various sectors, predominantly in the construction and oil drilling industries. With a Master's degree in Chemical Engineering and a skilled trade certificate from Douglas College, Ali has cultivated a unique blend of technical expertise and hands-on experience that sets him apart in the job market.

Ali's experience as a Carpenter 3rd Year Apprentice at the Local 27 Carpenter's Union underscores his strong project planning, management, and communication skills. His ability to coordinate teams, communicate effectively with stakeholders, and deliver high-quality results speaks to his aptitude for leadership and his capacity to thrive in dynamic work environments.