Era Krasniqi Her/She

Leasing Specialist


  • Albanian
  • English
  • Italian


The primary responsibilities of a Leasing Specialist encompass a range of crucial tasks in ensuring a smooth and efficient move-in process for both owners and tenants. These responsibilities include assisting owners and tenants throughout the move-in process and actively following up with tenants to ensure a seamless transition from approved status to readiness for key pick-up.

Additionally, she performs credit checks, sends out offers, and approves offers as necessary, meticulously ensuring that tenants comply with payment deadlines and submission of required documents. She reviews and dispatches documents to owners upon request, while also managing the distribution of lease agreements and key release forms.

Furthermore, she handles credit card payments when required, ensuring secure and efficient processing. By effectively managing these essential tasks, she contributes to the overall success of the leasing department and fosters positive relationships with owners and tenants alike.


Era Krasniqi holds the position of Leasing Specialist at Royal York Property Management.

Era started working as a Project Manager, her tasks were to search for leads and find the correct delegates who fulfilled the criteria to enter the discussions hosted by the company I worked in. Her persuasive skills helped her convince the delegates to join the discussions.

Era also worked as a Delegate Customer Success Manager. Her responsibilities were sharing the correct information with C-level delegates and below, to enter discussions. She constantly had to work under pressure and help the company earn money by managing to save the events from being postponed.

Era was highly motivated to succeed because she was the youngest in the office and she wanted to show others that she was capable of being responsible and held accountable.

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