Vesa Muçolli Her/She

Leasing Specialist


  • Albanian
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish


At Royal York Property Management, our Leasing Specialists play an integral role in streamlining the tenant move-in process. One of the core tasks of a Leasing Specialist includes guiding tenants seamlessly from their initial lease application all the way to their key collection day.

Beyond providing ongoing tenant support, our Leasing Specialists also undertake vital administrative tasks. These include conducting credit checks to ensure financial reliability, issuing, approving and managing lease offers promptly, overseeing tenant compliance with payment deadlines and document submissions, and processing payments and refunds.

Their dedication and meticulous approach ensure that both owners and tenants experience smooth interactions with Royal York Property Management. Our emphasis on customer satisfaction, coupled with the diligent work of our Leasing Specialists, cements our reputation as a leader in property management. The success and positive feedback we enjoy are testament to their essential contribution.


Vesa Muçolli assumes the role of a Leasing Specialist at Royal York Property Management. She focuses on the districts of Durham, and Peel.

She possesses an exceptional level of organizational skills, which defines her professional approach. Vesa consistently establishes concrete and precise objectives, accompanied by a strategic plan of action, ensuring the attainment of desired outcomes, irrespective of obstacles encountered along the way.

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