May 15, 2024

Property Management Tips, RYPM Resources


Barrie, Ontario, has been on the radar for many real estate investors as an up-and-coming market. Here at Royal York Property Management, we have had the pleasure of watching firsthand as developments in this city have enhanced the appeal of the rental market.

Royal York Property Management combines great service and expertise to satisfy the needs of landlords, investors, and tenants across the country, making it one of the major property management companies in Ontario. We deal with a vast portfolio of more than 22,000 properties worth over $10.1 billion and grow trust in the real estate area daily.

At Royal York Property Management, we've been watching trends across Barrie, Ontario, and are pleased to share our observations with fellow investors. Whether you are an old pro-landlord or simply dipping your toes in the waters of a rental property, Barrie is full of opportunities. Today, we'll get into whether investing in rental properties in Barrie is a wise choice for landlords in 2024.