April 18, 2024

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As property managers at Royal York Property Management in Etobicoke, Ontario, we understand that handling tenant complaints and maintenance requests requires a careful, organized process that maintains the satisfaction of our tenants and the quality of the properties managed. Here, we will outline our proven strategies to handle these issues effectively.

Importance of Prompt Response

Tenants are the clients of the property manager. To maintain success as a property manager in the long term, we must foster trust and loyalty. Raising the bar for speed in dealing with complaints and requests can directly impact the success and respect of our tenants and for property managers.

Systematic Approach

In response to complaints or maintenance requests, the processes we follow help to ensure that all issues are resolved promptly and efficiently.

Handling Tenant Complaints


The very first step that must be taken when a complaint of a tenant arises is immediate acknowledgment. In our view, no investigation can begin until a complaint has been heard and understood.

Efficient Communication